From a Sheep’s Perspective


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Humanity’s need for the Shepherd and His help has never been greater than now. In fact, the more secure we try to become, the more insecure we are. Our lives and our security depend upon knowing the Lord as our Shepherd; but strangely enough, there is much confusion as to who He is. Today, as in the past, there are many who worship Him on the one hand and are practitioners of doubt on the other hand. If one looks closely, there are believers who have yet to make the connection between the sheep-Shepherd relationship.

We can learn a lot from sheep. Psalm 23 is the testimony of one sheep who knows something about life’s journey including its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, mountains and valleys.

Let’s witness this journey from a sheep’s perspective challenges of growth. Discover how to successfully navigate through potentially turbulent waters of growth and change in which you may find yourself. Organize for your multitude with the use of this textbook and workbook. The reader will develop strategies that can be used to help any pastor or leader in organizing their church or ministry.


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